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Bali, Indonesia
Bali, Indonesia | © Muthuraja S

Bali: tourist information

Bali, a tropical island in the Indonesian archipelago, is so picturesque and immaculate it could almost be a painted backdrop. It has rice paddies tripping down hillsides like giant steps, volcanoes soaring up through the clouds, dense tropical jungle, long sandy beaches, warm blue water, crashing surf and friendly people who don't just have a culture but actually live it. In Bali spirits come out to play in the moonlight, every night is a festival and even a funeral is an opportunity to have a good time. Bali, the perfect holiday destination for all ages offers something for everyone. This tropical paradise has a unique blend of modern tourist facilities combined with wonderful shopping and a rich past and heritage. The Balinese people are proud of having preserved their unique Hindu culture against the advance of Islam, the dominant religion throughout Indonesia. This is still reflected in day to day life and can be seen in the numerous ceremonies, Balinese festivals and magnificent temples and palaces. Some of the best surfing beaches in the world can be found on the western side of the island whilst conversely the eastern side is a wonderful haven for families, with beautiful white sand beaches and gentle seas. Bali is a shopper's paradise particularly for casual and tailored clothing, locally made jewellery, handicrafts, antiques and artifacts. Leather ware is one of the unexpected local bargains with everything from handbags through to tailor made leather jackets and coats, all at unbelievable prices. In fact, prices are so inexpensive, you're sure to need more room in your suitcase! Try bargaining at the street markets of Kuta, Sanur of Nusa Dua or fixed price shopping at a Denpasar department store. Bali has it all. For those that want to stay wet, Bali has world class scuba diving, snorkelling and wonderful day trips out to Nusa Penida for beach sports and coral viewing. When the sun sets, the choices are still hard to make - a quiet romantic moon lit dinner or watch the spectacular Balinese Fire Dance or Kecak Dance. For those that want to party, Bali has it all with bars, discos and nightclubs. As a truly international destination attracting visitors from all over the world, restaurants in Bali are extremely cosmopolitan yet inexpensive. Experience not only local delicacies like Nasi Goreng and Sate Campur but also Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese, Italian/European and even Mexican cuisine. We must not forget Bali's wonderful seafood - local lobster at such prices that you will want to keep coming back for more. For those more culturally inclined, Bali can offer the peace and tranquility of Ubud high in the hills; the spectacular Mother Temple at Besakih; the ancient capital of Bali, Singaraja and the floating palace at Ujung near the pretty beach area of Candi Dasa. The Scenery is nothing less than spectacular. Jungle, picturesque hillside rice terraces and the awesome magnificence of Kintamani Volcano. The more active, wanting a break from the idyllic beaches, can experience wonderful golf courses in the mountains at Bedugul and beachside at Nusa Dua, the thrill of white water rafting or kayaking down the beautiful Ayung River; mountain cycling amid scenery you will never forget and organized rice paddy and jungle treks to see the side of Bali most tourists never encounter. Bali, a truly international destination, offers every standard of accommodation ranging from charming yet modest bungalow style hotels in lush tropical gardens for the budget minded through to arguably amongst the most exclusive and sophisticated hotels in the world!


  • Country: Indonesia
  • Capital: Jakarta
  • Government: Indonesia
  • State/Region: Bali
  • Time Zone: +8 GMT
  • Language: Indonesian
  • Latitude: -8.3333330
  • Longitude: 115.0000000
  • Est. Population: 0
  • Currency: Indonesian Rupiah
  • Fire: Phone:113
  • Police: Phone:110
  • Hospital: List of hospitals:
  • Ambulance & Rescue: Phone:118
  • Bali, Indonesia
    Bali, Indonesia | © Rahul Faye

    Bali Cruise Port Schedule

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    Feb 21
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    Feb 25
    Nov 12
    Nov 13
    Nov 26
    Dec 3
    Jan 1 2024
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    Nov 5 2024
    Feb 20 2025
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    Mar 1 2025
    Apr 26 2025
    Apr 27 2025
    Bali, Indonesia
    Bali, Indonesia | © Sachin Sachin

    Bali in the News

    Port rating and occupancy

    Port of Bali ranks 299th in the world in terms of the number of tourists visiting it.

    Number of cruise ship calls in the coming year: 52.

    The total number of tourists (passengers) of cruise ships in the port of Bali in the next 12 months is 73487.

    According to the popularity rating among more than 1,000 cruise ports in the world, Bali ranks 520.

    Weather in Bali

    Feb 3
    Min/Max temp: 75°F (24°C) / 82°F (28°C)
    Rain (moderate rain), no wind
    Feb 4
    Min/Max temp: 77°F (25°C) / 82°F (28°C)
    Rain (light rain), small wind
    Feb 5
    Min/Max temp: 77°F (25°C) / 79°F (26°C)
    Rain (moderate rain), small wind
    Feb 6
    Min/Max temp: 77°F (25°C) / 81°F (27°C)
    Rain (heavy intensity rain), small wind
    Feb 7
    Min/Max temp: 81°F (27°C) / 82°F (28°C)
    Rain (light rain), small wind
    Feb 8
    Min/Max temp: 77°F (25°C) / 81°F (27°C)
    Rain (heavy intensity rain), small wind
    Feb 9
    Min/Max temp: 79°F (26°C) / 82°F (28°C)
    Rain (heavy intensity rain), no wind
    Feb 10
    Min/Max temp: 79°F (26°C) / 81°F (27°C)
    Rain (heavy intensity rain), small wind

    Current water temperature in Bali now is 83°F (28.4°C)

    Water temperature data provided by

    Annual Weather

    Min/Max temp: 75°F (24°C) / 81°F (27°C)
    Min/Max temp: 79°F (26°C) / 88°F (31°C)
    Min/Max temp: 81°F (27°C) / 90°F (32°C)
    Min/Max temp: 82°F (28°C) / 91°F (33°C)
    Min/Max temp: 81°F (27°C) / 88°F (31°C)
    Min/Max temp: 81°F (27°C) / 88°F (31°C)
    Min/Max temp: 81°F (27°C) / 88°F (31°C)
    Min/Max temp: 79°F (26°C) / 84°F (29°C)
    Min/Max temp: 77°F (25°C) / 86°F (30°C)
    Min/Max temp: 77°F (25°C) / 82°F (28°C)
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