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Port Said, Egypt
Port Said, Egypt | © dolphin Sea

Port Said: tourist information

The economical base of Port Said is fishing and industries like chemicals, processed food, and cigarettes. Port Said is also an important harbour both for exports of Egyptian products like cotton and rice, but also a fuelling station for ships that pass through the Suez Canal. Port Said also thrives on being a duty-free port, as well as a summer resort for Egyptians.

Port Said is in many ways Egypt's most beautiful city. There are numerous old houses with grand balconies on all floors, giving the city a distinct charm. Port Said's twin city is Port Fouad, which lies on the eastern side of the canal. The two cities coexist, to the extent that there hardly is any town centre in Port Fouad. The cities are connected by free ferries running all through the day.

Port Said is geographically isolated, situated on a low, sandy ground west of the Suez Canal and east of Lake Manzila.


  • Country: Egypt
  • Capital: Cairo
  • Government: Egypt
  • State/Region: Bur Said
  • Time Zone: +2 GMT
  • Language: Arabic
  • Latitude: 31.2652890
  • Longitude: 32.3018660
  • Est. Population: 560000
  • Currency: Egyptian Pound
  • Police: Emergency Phone: 122
  • Hospital: Port Said General Hospital - Phone: (+20) 66-22 06 94
  • Ambulance & Rescue: Port Said Ambulance - Emergency Phone: 180
  • Port Said, Egypt
    Port Said, Egypt | © Na Da

    Port Said Cruise Port Schedule

    Port Said, Egypt
    Port Said, Egypt | © O H

    Port Said in the News

    Port rating and occupancy

    Port of Port Said ranks 267th in the world in terms of the number of tourists visiting it.

    Number of cruise ship calls in the coming year: 0.

    The total number of tourists (passengers) of cruise ships in the port of Port Said in the next 12 months is 0.

    According to the popularity rating among more than 1,000 cruise ports in the world, Port Said ranks 1124.

    Weather in Port Said

    Feb 24
    Min/Max temp: 61°F (16°C) / 63°F (17°C)
    Rain (light rain), small wind
    Feb 25
    Min/Max temp: 61°F (16°C) / 63°F (17°C)
    Clear (clear sky), small wind
    Feb 26
    Min/Max temp: 61°F (16°C) / 64°F (18°C)
    Clouds (broken clouds), small wind
    Feb 27
    Min/Max temp: 61°F (16°C) / 63°F (17°C)
    Rain (light rain), small wind
    Feb 28
    Min/Max temp: 61°F (16°C) / 63°F (17°C)
    Clear (clear sky), small wind
    Feb 29
    Min/Max temp: 61°F (16°C) / 63°F (17°C)
    Clear (clear sky), small wind
    Mar 1
    Min/Max temp: 63°F (17°C) / 72°F (22°C)
    Clear (clear sky), small wind
    Mar 2
    Min/Max temp: 59°F (15°C) / 64°F (18°C)
    Clear (clear sky), small wind

    Current water temperature in Port Said now is 64°F (17.9°C)

    Water temperature data provided by

    Annual Weather

    Min/Max temp: 59°F (15°C) / 64°F (18°C)
    Min/Max temp: 59°F (15°C) / 64°F (18°C)
    Min/Max temp: 63°F (17°C) / 68°F (20°C)
    Min/Max temp: 64°F (18°C) / 72°F (22°C)
    Min/Max temp: 70°F (21°C) / 75°F (24°C)
    Min/Max temp: 77°F (25°C) / 82°F (28°C)
    Min/Max temp: 81°F (27°C) / 86°F (30°C)
    Min/Max temp: 82°F (28°C) / 88°F (31°C)
    Min/Max temp: 79°F (26°C) / 84°F (29°C)
    Min/Max temp: 75°F (24°C) / 81°F (27°C)
    Min/Max temp: 70°F (21°C) / 73°F (23°C)
    Min/Max temp: 63°F (17°C) / 68°F (20°C)
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