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Riga, Latvia
Riga, Latvia | © Kvetoslav Rolny

Riga: tourist information

As the largest city in the Baltics, with a population of 800,000, some say the good things in Riga are particularly good and the bad things are particularly bad. That’s to say, on the bright side, it seems to have the most vibrant nightlife by far in the Baltics. But, on the down side, it’s also got the worst traffic. Riga is regaining its reputation as a fun-filled, forward-looking city. Increasingly confident Rigans are again applying the city’s pre-war label: the Paris of the Baltics.

The generally-held belief in the Middle Ages was that he who ruled Riga ruled the Baltics as a whole—hence the centuries of war fighting for control of this city. This Riga-as-a-key-to-regional-domination strategy is certainly not as valid as it was in the days of the Teutonic Knights. Still, as the biggest and most centrally located Baltic city, many observers continue to believe that Riga could very well become a regional powerhouse four or five years down the pike.

The biggest and most cosmopolitan Baltic capital, Riga can also appear a little chaotic, unwieldy and, at times, intimidating and rough. Riga has been a multi-cultural city throughout its 800-year history. At one time or another, Germans, Jews and Russians have all left their mark on Riga.

This past diversity is evident in the eclectic architecture of the city. Breathtaking Jugendstil mixes with Classical Symbolism, Constructivism and a spattering of Stalinist-era horrors. In Riga, the buildings have a distinct sense of humor.

As it has modernized since independence, Riga has retained something of its distinctive, old-world feel. Rigans aren't just throwing out everything old and replacing it with something new, and possibly worse. This is a city, thankfully, where visitors can still turn a corner or walk into a room and feel that you have stepped back into the 1890s or the 1920s. If Riga continues to build on its past, its future looks bright, indeed.


  • Country: Latvia
  • Capital: Riga
  • Government: Latvia
  • State/Region: Rizekne City
  • Time Zone: +2 GMT
  • Language: Latvian
  • Latitude: 56.9500000
  • Longitude: 24.1000000
  • Est. Population: 725156
  • Currency: Latvian Lat
  • Fire: Emergency Phone: 01
  • Police: Emergency Phone: 02
  • Hospital: Riga Hospital - Phone: 761-4973
  • Ambulance & Rescue: Emergency Phone: 03
  • Riga, Latvia
    Riga, Latvia | © Ferdinand Cunha

    Riga Cruise Port Schedule

    Riga, Latvia
    Riga, Latvia | © Joli Harsányi

    Riga in the News

    Port rating and occupancy

    Port of Riga ranks 645th in the world in terms of the number of tourists visiting it.

    Number of cruise ship calls in the coming year: 0.

    The total number of tourists (passengers) of cruise ships in the port of Riga in the next 12 months is 0.

    According to the popularity rating among more than 1,000 cruise ports in the world, Riga ranks 494.

    Weather in Riga

    Sep 25
    Min/Max temp: 46°F (8°C) / 63°F (17°C)
    Clouds (broken clouds), no wind
    Sep 26
    Min/Max temp: 48°F (9°C) / 66°F (19°C)
    Clouds (overcast clouds), no wind
    Sep 27
    Min/Max temp: 57°F (14°C) / 73°F (23°C)
    Clouds (overcast clouds), no wind
    Sep 28
    Min/Max temp: 57°F (14°C) / 75°F (24°C)
    Clouds (overcast clouds), no wind
    Sep 29
    Min/Max temp: 57°F (14°C) / 68°F (20°C)
    Clouds (overcast clouds), no wind
    Sep 30
    Min/Max temp: 54°F (12°C) / 63°F (17°C)
    Clear (clear sky), small wind
    Oct 1
    Min/Max temp: 52°F (11°C) / 61°F (16°C)
    Rain (light rain), no wind
    Oct 2
    Min/Max temp: 50°F (10°C) / 59°F (15°C)
    Rain (light rain), no wind

    Current water temperature in Riga now is 62°F (16.4°C)

    Water temperature data provided by

    Annual Weather

    Min/Max temp: 27°F (-3°C) / 28°F (-2°C)
    Min/Max temp: 25°F (-4°C) / 27°F (-3°C)
    Min/Max temp: 34°F (1°C) / 37°F (3°C)
    Min/Max temp: 45°F (7°C) / 50°F (10°C)
    Min/Max temp: 55°F (13°C) / 61°F (16°C)
    Min/Max temp: 61°F (16°C) / 66°F (19°C)
    Min/Max temp: 68°F (20°C) / 73°F (23°C)
    Min/Max temp: 64°F (18°C) / 70°F (21°C)
    Min/Max temp: 55°F (13°C) / 61°F (16°C)
    Min/Max temp: 45°F (7°C) / 48°F (9°C)
    Min/Max temp: 37°F (3°C) / 39°F (4°C)
    Min/Max temp: 30°F (-1°C) / -148°F (-100°C)
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