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Mano Maritime is a shipping company founded by Moshe Mano and is a subsidiary of the Mano Holdings Group. It operates cargo ships, passenger ships and undertakes other maritime services. The company was ranked in Dun’s top companies in Israel: number 5 in the transportation services and number 31 in the services companies. The company also includes in BDI Code of leading companies in Israel: number 36 in the services companies, number 8 in the transportations companies. and number 187 in the general list Mano is the owner, chairman, and president of the company.

In the 1930s, Moshe’s father, Mordechai Mano (born in Thessaloniki, Greece), immigrated to Israel with his family. His son, Moshe Mano was born in 1955 in Haifa and received education in the field of shipping. In his thirties, he established a shipping company, named Mano Maritime which became an independent company, active both in cruise and cargo shipping. Over the years the company diversified its activities as part of the Mano Holdings Group and has interests in other areas including real estate, hotels and technology.

Mano Cruises ships

Crown Iris
Crown Iris

Year built: 1992

Length: 679 ft / 207 m

Passengers: 1462

Overall Rating: 1.84 (place: #262)

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