Harlingen, Holland

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Harlingen, Holland, Netherlands
Harlingen, Holland, Netherlands | © Eric Hameleers

Harlingen: tourist information

Harlingen is a dynamic, historic seaport and two rural villages in a setting of sea, sky and green landscape.

Billowing clouds sweep the inland. The sea glitters under shafts of sunlight and seagulls are hanging in the wind over the expansive dyke which protects the green land behind it. Between land and sea: Harlingen. From whatever side you approach the town, the striking silhouette of its two spires can always be seen from afar. Outlined against a wide expanse of sea, land and sky. Harlingen has a close bond with the sea and shipping. The ebb and flow of the tide still predominates the old harbours in the town centre. Cargo vessels from Russia, Scandinavia or England, ferries to the islands of Terschelling and Vlieland, fishing boats, traditional sailing ships and modern yachts contribute to the bustle of activity in the harbours.

Port cranes, ship building and repair yards are also a characteristic of the skyline of Harlingen. At night, the twinkling red and green lights of the buoys marking the navigation channel to the islands and the North Sea, can be seen from the jetty. Beams of light from the lighthouses on the islands blink on the horizon. Closer by, to the east, bright light emanates from the shipyards, the gas processing plant and fishing boats unloading their catch at the fish auction. Work goes on day and night. If you turn your back to the sea, the warm lights of the town can be seen reflected in the water of the old harbour. The historic centre has numerous monuments such as merchants houses, warehouses, the town hall, churches, canals and bridges. The old pattern of streets and alleyways determines the character of the intimate town centre.

Gradually Harlingen expanded. The harbours became larger, more industry settled here and modern residential areas arose to the south of the railway line leading to the provincial capital, Leeuwarden. East of the town, wedged between the Leeuwarden-Amsterdam motorway and Van Harinxmakanaal, lies the new Oostpoort industrial site. The port and industrial activities are also expanding in a northerly direction. Harlingen is therefore not only a typical, historic Dutch town, but also a dynamic and modern port.

A town surrounded by sea, land and sky, a good place to live, work and spend one's leisure time.


  • Country: Netherlands
  • Capital: Amsterdam
  • Government: Netherlands
  • State/Region: Friesland
  • Time Zone: +1 GMT
  • Language: Dutch
  • Latitude: 53.1833333
  • Longitude: 5.4166667
  • Est. Population: 15900
  • Currency: Euro
  • Fire: Fire Department- Address: Westerzeedijk 11, 8862 PK, Harlingen; Phone: (0517) 412-812
  • Police: Police Department- Address: Kimswerderweg 2, 8862 Harlingen; Phone: (058) 880-7200
  • Hospital: Bereikbaarheid De Batting- Address: Achlumerdijk 2, 8860 BA Harlingen; Phone: (0517) 499-999
  • General: Emergency Phone: 112
  • Harlingen, Holland, Netherlands
    Harlingen, Holland, Netherlands | © Nanny Bierkens Brouwers

    Harlingen Cruise Port Schedule

    Harlingen, Holland, Netherlands
    Harlingen, Holland, Netherlands | © Wim de Langen

    Harlingen in the News

    Port rating and occupancy

    Port of Harlingen ranks 978th in the world in terms of the number of tourists visiting it.

    Number of cruise ship calls in the coming year: 0.

    The total number of tourists (passengers) of cruise ships in the port of Harlingen in the next 12 months is 0.

    According to the popularity rating among more than 1,000 cruise ports in the world, Harlingen ranks 326.

    Weather in Harlingen

    Jul 19
    Min/Max temp: 61°F (16°C) / 75°F (24°C)
    Clouds (overcast clouds), no wind
    Jul 20
    Min/Max temp: 63°F (17°C) / 72°F (22°C)
    Rain (moderate rain), no wind
    Jul 21
    Min/Max temp: 61°F (16°C) / 66°F (19°C)
    Rain (light rain), small wind
    Jul 22
    Min/Max temp: 61°F (16°C) / 63°F (17°C)
    Clouds (few clouds), small wind
    Jul 23
    Min/Max temp: 59°F (15°C) / 63°F (17°C)
    Rain (light rain), small wind
    Jul 24
    Min/Max temp: 57°F (14°C) / 61°F (16°C)
    Rain (light rain), no wind
    Jul 25
    Min/Max temp: 57°F (14°C) / 59°F (15°C)
    Rain (light rain), small wind
    Jul 26
    Min/Max temp: 55°F (13°C) / 61°F (16°C)
    Clouds (broken clouds), no wind

    Current water temperature in Harlingen now is 60°F (15.3°C)

    Water temperature data provided by

    Annual Weather

    Min/Max temp: 36°F (2°C) / 37°F (3°C)
    Min/Max temp: 36°F (2°C) / 39°F (4°C)
    Min/Max temp: 41°F (5°C) / 46°F (8°C)
    Min/Max temp: 46°F (8°C) / 54°F (12°C)
    Min/Max temp: 52°F (11°C) / 59°F (15°C)
    Min/Max temp: 57°F (14°C) / 64°F (18°C)
    Min/Max temp: 61°F (16°C) / 68°F (20°C)
    Min/Max temp: 61°F (16°C) / 68°F (20°C)
    Min/Max temp: 57°F (14°C) / 64°F (18°C)
    Min/Max temp: 50°F (10°C) / 55°F (13°C)
    Min/Max temp: 43°F (6°C) / 46°F (8°C)
    Min/Max temp: 37°F (3°C) / 39°F (4°C)
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